Hired assassins mailed Arun Kumar photos of the body of his ex-brother-in-law, which the former shared with his sister on Facebook

Employing hired killers, he got his ex-brother-in-law murdered. He then sent the victim’s photo to his sister through a social media site as proof of the murder.

The victim’s photo was then widely circulated on the site through the woman’s friends, inviting attention from West Zone police. The cops stitched together clues and finally nabbed the mastermind, Chennai resident Arun Kumar, and three hired assasins.

The mother of the victim – Chandrashekhar Goud of Balkampet, a software professional – had earlier approached S.R. Nagar police, who registered a case of missing person. They later booked a case of murder. Goud’s decomposed body was traced to bushes at a secluded place on the outskirts of Vikarabad in Ranga Reddy district on Tuesday. It was sent to Gandhi Hospital for autopsy.

The story unfolded a few days ago when Kumar struck a deal with a certain Younus, offering him Rs. 6 lakh to eliminate Goud.

Goud had married Sandhya, Kumar’s sister, seven years ago. The marriage ended in divorce a few years later.

“We’re told Goud agreed to pay Rs. 10 lakh, 400 grams of gold jewellery and provide a flat for Sandhya. But he reportedly failed to keep his promise,” police said.

Kumar has admitted to police that he was frustrated over the Goud’s failure to provide the promised wealth. He then approached Younus and his associates, Shiva and Madhu, five days ago. In the early hours of the day, the trio went to Goud’s house at Balkampet. He was made unconscious using chloroform while asleep and taken to Vikarabad in a car.

After eliminating him in the vehicle, they dumped the body in the bushes and fled. Younus allegedly sent the victim’s photo through email to Kumar who posted it on Facebook so as to inform Sandhya. On being alerted, West Zone police led by DCP V. Satyanarayana worked on vague leads and detected persons responsible for it.

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