Kiwi cricketer visits St. Andrews High School where he studied before moving to New Zealand in 1998-99

It was back to school for New Zealand cricketer Tarun Nethula and a trip down memory lane on Monday. A day after his team lost the first test match against India, Tarun was at the St. Andrews High School where he studied for two years in 1998-99 before moving over to New Zealand with his parents. “It has a changed a lot. Looking completely new and much bigger,” exclaimed Tarun as he looked around in the company of childhood mentor and director of St. John’s Coaching Foundation John Manoj.

He walked down the corridors of the school and had a long look at the classroom where he used to sit. He was pleasantly surprised when his erstwhile teachers Gayathri, Sailaja and Nirmala were there to rekindle reminiscences of what he remarked as some of the best moments in his life. More delightful experience was to see one of his batch-mates, Shabana, being a staff member and they had lot of notes to exchange. After a stroll around the school campus with R. K. Maini, Dean, Tarun Nethula donned the role of a ‘guide’ advising students to work hard.

‘Self-belief important’

“Cricket and football were the only disciplines during my time. Now you have so many opportunities both in sports and in academics,” he said. Having missed a dream test debut in his hometown, Tarun Nethula felt that self-belief was important.

“My family shifted to New Zealand or else I would have loved to play for India,” he replied to a student’s query. “But again it has been a fabulous journey for me and I must thank New Zealand cricket authorities for their splendid support,” he said.

Amidst applause, Tarun Nethula reminded that he wanted to be in India not as a tourist but as a member of the New Zealand team. “I am happy that I could achieve that,” he said while reminding that he was in the Test squad for five consecutive matches without making his debut yet. “I hope to do that in Benguluru,” he said before signing off.

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