A lady, whom main accused Kiran had approached to sell bangles from the booty, suspected the latter’s cousin and another accused Anand of being a thief

With Rs. 5.97 crore worth stolen jewellery in the bag, Bhoomana Kiran, the main accused in the sensational Tanishq jewellery heist, had no clue on how to dispose it. He told police interrogating him later that committing the heist was easier than selling the stolen property!

Initially, he is said to have approached a housewife, who was his neighbour at Rasoolpura, enquiring if she could help him sell or mortgage two gold bangles, which he randomly picked up from the booty.

“It will easily fetch one lakh rupees and no one I know personally can give that kind of money,” she told him, referring him to a pawn broker where she would pledge her ornaments when she needed money.

The lady also accompanied him to the pawn broker, who raised doubts about the ownership of the gold bangles, as they were of different designs. Though Kiran tried to convince him that they belonged to his mother, the pawn broker refused to accept them and also referred to the heist at Tanishq, investigators said. At this, the lady too grew suspicious, and asked Kiran about the origin of the bangles. “I also saw your limping cousin (Anand) in the room. He has not come out in the past 24 hours. Is he a thief?” she asked an embarrassed Kiran. All this made Kiran rethink his plans of fleeing the city with the booty while scores of police teams were on the look-out for the duo.

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It was then – when he realised that he could not sell the stolen jewellery – that the youngster walked into a Telugu TV news channel office to surrender himself.

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