Kiran, Anand had been doing a recce of the shop; used hammer and hand drill to make a hole

A hammer and a T shaped hand drill was all that was required to sneak into the Tanishq jewellery showroom to pull off the sensational heist.

While the investigators believed professional offenders had used a drilling machine to make a hole in the rear wall, the confession of Bhoomana Kiran on Monday revealed interesting facts. At the instance of Kiran, his cousin Anand from Guntur had come to city in the first week of January.

They had been doing a recce of the shop building from January 10, the investigators said. They identified a spot on the rear wall to make a hole. Actually that particular spot had a window earlier, which was closed with bricks during renovation. But the wall was not completely plastered with cement and this enabled the offenders to easily identify the spot where they could break the wall.

Kiran and Anand first attempted to make a hole in the wall on the intervening night of January 22 and 23. Pushing the T shaped hand drill into the wall, they hit it with a hammer gently ensuring that it didn’t make much noise.

“They could only remove the bricks on that night. The two came there again on the intervening night of January 24 and 25. This time they succeeded in making the hole by removing the layer of Plaster of Paris,” the police said.

After collecting the booty, the two first went to a private hostel at Pochamma basthi in Punjagutta where Kiran had made arrangements for Anand to stay. They vacated the room and went to Kiran’s rented room in Rasoolpura.

Roommates had no idea

Kiran told his roommates that his cousin had come from village for a brief stay. His roommates saw the bag but had no idea that it contained 15.57 kilos of gold ornaments and precious stones worth Rs. 5.97 crore which the duo had stolen from the showroom.

They were shocked when police arrived at their room with Kiran and opened the bag only to find the stolen gold.

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