Little Saber Ali was apprehensive of the crowd around him, and began to cry for his ‘ammi’ who stood a little away. However, once on the bicycle meant for him, his tears vanished and his whole face lit up into a big smile. The six-year-old, suffering from a life-threatening condition, after all, had just got his wish fulfilled.

He and eight other children in similar conditions were the chosen ones by the ‘Make a Wish’ Foundation which made a big event of their small but unfulfilled wishes as part of its ‘World Wish Day’ celebrations here on Monday.

The children were brought for a free trip to the Sudha Cars Museum of Sudhakar Yadav, the automobile expert, known for his innovation, at Bahadurpura.

Accompanying them through the mock rides were none other than Telugu film comedians Ali and Sunil.

The children were led to the ‘wishing well’ where each kid received a surprise gift. Among the gifts patiently unwrapped by Ali and Sunil were bicycles, carom boards, toys, video games, play stations, sports sets and an iPod too. “Our volunteers visit various hospitals, interact with the children suffering from life-threatening conditions, and identify their wishes,” said Madhuri Talluri, coordinator of the event.

Since 2004, the foundation has fulfilled the wishes of 3,000 children with life-threatening diseases. Saber Khan, Abdul Fahad, Gousuddin, Abdulla, Saleh, Md. Haider, Samein and Ayesha Begum received the gifts.

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