Simmering anger against the Osmania University JAC leaders erupted in the campus on Wednesday when a large group of students ransacked their rooms in the New Research Scholars Hostel (NRSH) and Old PG hostel. The JAC leaders were accused of “turning puppets in the hands of political parties”.

The provocation was an alleged manhandling of some students of ‘B' hostel by some OU JAC leaders when their commitment to the ongoing agitation was questioned and about detention of some students by the police. Four students were injured in the attack prompting full-scale retaliation. After gathering at the Arts College, a large group of about 500 students went in a rally to NRSH, where some JAC leaders reside. After a heated argument, the group ransacked the rooms and burnt some papers even while the leaders scooted from the spot.

The emboldened group went ahead to ransack four other rooms of different leaders charging them of turning as representatives to some political parties rather than representing the students. The students said JAC leaders were only showing up for media conferences and were interested in their personal aggrandisement while they were facing the wrath of police. “We are taking the lathi blows to keep the movement alive while leaders have confined themselves to giving media bytes,” a student alleged. The leaders were also accused of “making money” using the current agitation.

Later, the group again went to the Arts College in a procession and announced the formation of a new outfit – OU Students Aikya Vedika or United Front. The outfit will represent all students and all the OU Students JACs will no more be the representatives of the ongoing movement.

JAC leaders, however, said claimed that some “outside elements” were trying to weaken the movement by targeting them and defame them. Veerababu, a JAC representative, said most students involved in the ransacking of rooms were “outsiders” and not from campus colleges. “Neither they understand the dynamics of the movement nor the role played by the OUJAC,” he said. He said none can question their commitment towards the agitation and said the “successful” ‘Chalo Assembly' and ‘Bus Yatra' to the districts was an indication of that.

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