"We avoid unnecessarily venturing out after nightfall to be on the safe side," says Syeda Begum, a housewife from Osmanagar.

It is like living in a primitive era for residents of a cluster of colonies in Shaheennagar, an extension of old city. Not just the main thoroughfares, even in the interior lanes streetlights are on the blink most of the time.

Darkness engulfs after nightfall in many pockets of the area well known for uneven muddy and rocky pathways. In fact, there are no streetlights in many of the colonies and even though they exist at a few places, they remain as showpieces.

Local people complain of facing numerous problems while commuting through the ill-lit streets, especially during nights. The bad roads coupled with poor illumination acts as a major hurdle. “We avoid unnecessarily venturing out after nightfall to be on the safe side,” says Syeda Begum, a housewife from Osmanagar.

The advent of rainy season has brought in a sense of added insecurity. The muddy paths have paved way for ‘trenches’ and ‘craters’. “Instances of people falling down while trying to negotiate the paths have become too common,” says Mohd. Ilyas, a student who stays in Wadi-e-Salehin. The worst-hit areas are Osmanagar, Wadi-e-Salehin Colony, Wadi-e- Omer, Mohammednagar, Quba Colony, and Saif Colony.

The road leading to Venkatapuram from Shaheenagar is no exemption. It is extensively used due to its connectivity, but lacks streetlights. “It has always been like this. We are helpless and have got used to the hardship,” says Jaweed, a general store owner.

A similar situation exists on the Shamshabad International Airport approach road. An ill-lit thoroughfare leads to the world-class international airport. “We expected streetlights to be installed on the portion of road where the road divider has been made. Instead, people were quick enough to put up signboards advertising commercial activity,” says Jameel Khan, a taxi driver. The last streetlight is found near Barkas graveyard on the stretch of road from Chandrayangutta to Pahadishareef. The stretch from here to Pahadishareef is devoid of any streetlights.

Incidentally, this area is represented by Home Minister Sabita Indra Reddy.

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