The bifurcation of the State only seems to have delayed the whole process

In spite of having a cosmopolitan city as its capital, Andhra Pradesh seems to be the least favoured in the list of Kejriwal and co. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has till date announced 242 candidates for the Lok Sabha constituencies from across the country but without a single name from the State.

In the six lists announced from time to time, candidates from 22 States and four Union Territories have been finalised.

However, those that are awaiting some kind of announcement include AP along with five other States. The bifurcation of the State only seems to have delayed the whole process with the local unit of the party busy with setting up regional committees and in the process facing dissidence from some members.

Lack of ‘good’ contestants

Running out of time, the AP unit of the party has now decided to contest 10 parliamentary constituencies and 60 Assembly seats. According to some members, the hindrance has also been the lack of ‘good’ contestants in many constituencies as the screening process has not yielded much.

Even as the party is yet to begin canvassing, there is not much clarity regarding the funding for the local polls as no formal announcement has been made in this regard to the people of the State.

Members upbeat

The members are upbeat that everything will fall in place once the candidates are finalised.

“The list will be announced in a couple of days. Delay is because elections are being held in the State in the last phases. Mr Kejriwal and other important leaders may also tour the State in April and hold meetings here. We have been getting good response from the public,” said B. Ramakrishna Raju, convenor, State campaign committee, Aam Aadmi Party.