G.S. Life Sciences manufacturing syrups under brand names of other companies

The Drug Control Administration (DCA) authorities have seized spurious drugs allegedly being manufactured on the premises of a company G.S. Life Sciences at Prasanthnagar, Kukatpally on Monday. According to authorities, the establishment did not have a licence to manufacture drugs but only permitted to deal in sale of medicines.

Authorities said the two Directors of the G.S. Life Sciences, U. Gowri Shankar and J. Srinivasulu were found to be manufacturing spurious syrups on the premises. “We have seized 101 cartons of syrups, packaging material, batch printing machines and filling syringes worth Rs. 3 lakh from the company premises. They did not have any licence to manufacture,” said DCA Director General, B.L. Meena.

Officials said that G.S. Life Sciences had a third party agreement with Esteem Laboratories, Aleap Industrial Area, Kukatpally and Bridge Pharmaceuticals, Prasanthinagar. “According to the agreement, the two companies were supposed to manufacture the syrups in their facility and then sell them to G.S. Life Sciences,” Deputy Director, DCA, G. Dharma Data, who led the investigating team, said.

However, DCA authorities said that G. S. Life Sciences was manufacturing spurious drugs on their premises and claiming that they were manufactured by Esteem Laboratories and Bridge Pharmaceuticals in Kukatpally. “Such offences attract jail term extending from seven years to even life imprisonment,” Mr. Meena said.

The authorities said that all the spurious drugs were syrups and were anti-pyretic, anti-spasmodic, anti-allergic and antibiotic syrups. “The spurious syrups were being manufactured under brand names of other companies. For the inexperienced eye, these would look like any other normal syrup. In our raids, we also found spurious syrups meant for children with high grade fever,” Mr. Dharma Data said.

Cases were registered on the Directors of G. S. Life Sciences under the various provisions of Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, officials said.