‘One Day. Will love triumph?' depicts a day in a techie's life

A crazy idea can only come to you at an odd hour. In the case of P. Nirupam Pratap Reddy, a city-based techie, his bright idea to write a book popped up when he was stuck in a traffic gridlock near Madhapur last year.

And it didn't stop there for the 27-year-old Microsoft employee. A casual conversation about the day's work with his wife, K. Padmaja, in a jam led to a brain-storming session, which finally helped him pen his first novel, ‘One Day. Will love triumph?'

From a short story it slowly evolved into a book. “We were stuck some where in Madhapur and I wrote a short-story based on our conversations. My wife and parents asked me to work on it and that's how the novel came into being,” he explains.

It's about Ravi, a software engineer, falling in love with a new recruit in his company Naina and gets a twist when someone else too starts to woo her even as he has deadlines to stick to. “It documents a typical day in a techie's life right from travelling to office, meetings and team dynamics,” says Mr. Reddy, who writes short stories during his free time.

Family support

“I wanted to write a book for a long time and was in search of an idea which other people could relate to. I've also borrowed others experiences,” he explains. A major challenge was to limit the story setting to 24 hours. “There were days when I would suddenly wake up at 2 a.m. and pen down an idea, wake my wife and discuss it with her,” says the young author, also a movie buff.

“I used to take time off each day to write. The support of my family was quite critical during the first few drafts,” Mr. Reddy beams. The book was released few days ago and is available online at ‘www.flipkart.com' and ‘http://www.pustakmahal.com/'.

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