Railways in coordination with GHMC is constructing a parallel vent beside the existing one

The slow pace of works at Azampura road-under-bridge (RuB) is not going well with the road users and local residents.

The railways in coordination with GHMC authorities are constructing a parallel vent beside the existing one to ease the flow of traffic.

Though the works started in May last year and were supposed to be completed in a period of one year, till date not even half of the work is complete, alleges Azampura corporator, Amjedullah Khan.

He blames the railways for delaying the work.

As part of the RuB, the railway authorities have to undertake the work of laying a vent while the GHMC will lay approach roads for it from both sides.

The GHMC had planned to acquire nine properties and take up road widening works on both sides of the new vents.

Also, a slab is to be laid on the nala and a parapet wall constructed along with a portion of a park.

However, the authorities have not acquired all the houses nor have they started the process of laying a slab on the nala.

The GHMC authorities are waiting for the railways to complete their portion of the work and this would take not less than three months, Azampura corporator says.

Due to the delay, long traffic jams are witnessed near the bridge.

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