Remember to apply oil and waterproofing agents to prevent skin damage

The festival of colours brings with it a spate of skin ailments in case the revellers overlook to take basic skin and hair safety precautions.

Strong chemicals in colours makes skin dry, dehydrated and sensitive and that’s why experts suggest that public should keep themselves hydrated all the time.

Apply waterproof agents

“Before going out to play Holi, public should apply waterproof agents like sunscreen, cold cream, moisturiser or Vaseline.

This will make skin greasy and prevent colours from settling down deep into the skin. Public should apply creams behind the ear, lips on tips of the fingers to avoid colours from sticking for a long time,” says founder, Naturals Beauty Salon, K. Veena, in a press release.

The beauty expert has advised to paint nails with transparent nail paints and apply calamine lotion in case the skin is irritated after duly washing-off the colours.

“Apply mild oil to remove the colour and do not use hot water. Apply moisturiser generously after shower. Do not apply bleach, waxing or shaving in this period because the skin is prone to allergies,” she added.

Apply oil to hair

The expert advised public to apply oil to hair because colours will stick easily on dry hair. “Wash off the colours with shampoos thoroughly and condition properly,” she suggested.

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