Those coming for vaccination at Jangammet forced to head for another centre

Despite a considerable number of cases related to dog bites reported from parts of the old city, lack of access to the anti-rabies vaccination here has many victims going in circles for treatment.

The Medical and Health Administration which few months back sought to make available the vaccine at select health centres in the old city apparently has not followed up on the promise. If some of the centres do not have a stock of the anti-rabies vaccine, the others are hardly publicised as facilities where one bitten by a dog could rush.

At the Jangammet maternity centre near Falaknuma, those coming for anti-rabies vaccine have to return without it and forced to head for another centre. “We do not have the stocks for the last one month and are directing those coming for the vaccine to the hospital at Malakpet,” said a doctor here.

Even before the stocks ran out, there were hardly adequate supplies here and the same happened to be the situation with other centres in the old city, the staff said. Incidentally, even not many in and around Falaknuma were aware of the fact that the centre has been earmarked as one to provide the vaccine.

“We do not know about it. Whenever some one in the neighbourhood gets bitten by a dog, we get an auto and head for IPM at Narayanguda,” said Khaja Mohiuddin, a senior citizen near the Rythu Bazar.

According to the health staff here, the limited or no stock of vaccine did not affect the treatment as there had been a drop in the number of dog bite cases reported during last couple of months. “In summer, there were quite a few cases reported but now, there are not many,” reasoned one. “We have sent an indent for the vaccine and expecting the stocks,” added the medical officer, Vinay Sheela.