A few engineering students and a marketing executive come out with a well-crafted 16-minute short film ‘3nity’

Passion is generally defined as a strong feeling about a person or a thing. And passion for movies, made a few final year engineering students from the city to come up with a 16-minute thriller short film in Telugu with a production cost of just Rs.12,000.

Titled “3nity”, the short film is about three individuals, who are after money and take up contract killing deals. The film’s climax has a twist and makes the three lead actors realise that money is not everything and it is all about relationships and human values, explains Prajit Gorentla, the film director, who is now working as a marketing executive in a private company.

Except for the director, rest of the film’s technical team, including cinematographer, editor, music director, actors and the female lead, etc. are all final year engineering students.

It took them one month to conceive the story, develop it and to hit the floor. The film was shot on four Sundays in different locations of Hyderabad, using Canon 1100 D, Nikon D 5100, D 7000 and 5D Mark II camera.

Most of the production cost went for hiring 5D Mark camera and rest for food and other expenditure.

The raw copy of the movie lasted for 35 minutes but the editor K. Abhishek trimmed it to 16 minutes, says Sumanth Singireddy, cinematographer and one of the lead actor’s in the movie.

But why a short film and not a conventional feature film?

“Budget is the main factor. At this stage, I could afford only Rs.12,000 and feature films need high budget. This apart, time is another issue, all the crew members are final year students and have to prepare for their exams and manage academics. It’s about our passion,” replies Gorentla, who is also the producer.

The film had its preview at Prasads Labs on Monday and would be screened at different places in the city.


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