A 77-year-old woman was found murdered in her house on Thursday.

A divorcee, P. Sarojini was living alone at Maruthinagar in Uppuguda.

Local church committee member Anil Kumar, who was to accompany her to a hospital, found Sarojini dead when he came to her house at around 8 a.m.

There were strangulation marks on her body and the house was ransacked. It is not clear whether any theft took place in the house.

According to investigations, Sarojini had entered into an agreement for sale of her house and accepted an advance of Rs. 5 lakh. A sniffer dog, which was pressed into service, followed the scent up to Gowlipura road, 400 metres away from the house.

Youth commits suicide

R. Babu Rao, (22), of Rajendranagar, allegedly committed suicide by hanging at his house on Wednesday evening. The police said that Babu Rao quarrelled with his mother over some issue and later hanged himself. The police are investigating.

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