Need for a separate thermal power plant for Hyderabad has found favour with the city legislators. The District Review Committee meeting held here on Thursday saw many MLAs arguing in its favour.

Most metropolitan cities have exclusive power generation units to take care of local needs, said M. Shashidhar Reddy of Congress. G. Kishan Reddy of BJP, too, felt that a separate power generation unit would go a long way in solving the power problems of the city.

Members strongly criticised the APCPDCL for poor power supply.

In the name of load relief, pre monsoon repairs, departmental works, citizens were subjected to frequent power cuts.

Overloading of sub stations had become a recurring feature leading to frequent power trips, said MLC Syed Aminul Hasan Jafery.

Majlis legislator Syed Ahmed Pasha Qaudri said that old city was facing worst power crisis in the last 50 years.

Call centres

There was no power supply for four to five hours at a stretch in some areas. But he wondered why there was no power cut in the old City during the recent curfew.

There were also complaints about frequent burning of transformers and lack of response from the call centres, especially during nights.

Torching of garbage dumped under the transformers was one of the reasons for the transformers getting burnt, said MIM Virsast Rasool Khan.

Sharat Chandra Seenu, chief general manager, Metro Zone, said that unscheduled power cuts were the result of multi-level faults.

He said it required just two hours to arrange for a mobile transformer provided trolleys were available.

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