The share that will go to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes out of the 2013-14 budget is likely to be around Rs.14,167 crore as per the stipulations laid down under the legislation adopted by the Legislature to extend legal backing to their sub-plans.

While the budget comprises two components, plan outlay and non-plan outlay, these sections will get their quota at 22.8 per cent from the plan outlay as per the Legislation. As the budget size is being increased by 15 per cent, fixing the total outlay tentatively at Rs.1,55,578 crore (Rs.1,45,854 crore in 2012-13), the plan outlay is set to go up correspondingly and reach Rs.62,134 crore compared to Rs.54,030 crore of 2012-13).

A 22.8 per cent out of this sum works out to Rs.14,167 crore, which will be “sufficient to take care of the needs of the SCs and STs, highly-placed sources told The Hindu here on Tuesday. All the figures worked out for the 2013-14 budget are finalised and have since been sent for printing for distribution in the Assembly and the Legislative Council along with CDs, as only 13 days are available before the likely commencement of their budget session from March 11.

The budget will contain an SC/ST budget within as envisaged under the Legislation, with an allocation of about Rs.14,167 crore, that being the total of the amounts drawn from each department at 22.8 per cent to 16.2 per cent towards SCs and 6.6 per cent for STs.

The sources said the drawals at 22.8 per cent would apply to each department except infrastructure such as roads, irrigation projects, airports port, etc.

The drawals from this sector towards the SC/ST sub-plans would be only 12.2 per cent as the infrastructure facilities would be used by all people alike, the sources said.

Agriculture sector

A separate mini-budget for agriculture sector would be incorporated in the main budget for the first time in line with the thrust that the government plans for this sector with focus this time on dairying, fisheries, sheep-rearing, etc.


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