Ban photography to check terror strikes! That is the simple solution South Central Railway authorities have come out with even as security experts world over are breaking their heads on evolving strategies to check terror strikes.

The SCR top brass decided not to allow anyone to shoot pictures in railway stations in the name of security reasons. Promptly following the orders, the Railway Protection Force personnel are keeping an eagle's eye on passengers and persons coming to railway stations to see them off.

But, the strange rule of prohibiting photography on railway station premises ‘in the interest of passengers' is only landing the latter in unexpected trouble.

The authorities have imposed the rule — which has some riders — and directed the RPF personnel to strictly enforce but failed to publicise it alerting the passengers. Unaware of the new rule, persons capturing pictures of sending off their beloved ones are receiving rude jolts.

The RPF personnel are surrounding unsuspecting passengers and snatching the cameras. “It is ridiculous that RPF personnel behave as if only they are citizens and all others are terror suspects.vWorst part is they are not ready to listen to our explanation,” K. Sridhar of Gangaputhra Colony in Musheerabad said. He had a bitter experience a few days ago when he tried to take the photograph of a friend at Kachiguda railway station.

Interestingly, a gang of thieves walked inside that station and made off with a suitcase containing over Rs. 20 lakh from the ticket booking counter during daytime recently.

“What were the RPF personnel and railway authorities doing when thieves went inside booking counter and stole cash. Will terrorists openly carry a camera to take pictures so that he can plant a bomb,” passengers ask.

The passengers and police officials feel banning photography or videography can do little in aborting terror plots. The SCR spokesman has a different tale to tell. “How will we know a person carrying a camera is a terrorist or citizen. That is why this restriction,” he substantiates stating that a person willing to take photograph can submit written application to Chief Public Relations Officer at Rail Nilayam, take permission and click picture.

For people in Hyderabad witnessing traffic jams all the time that would mean two journeys. One to reach destination, another to secure permission to take photograph.

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