If you had any hopes of GHMC and South Central Railway (SCR) sorting out the compensation issue to widen the Sangeet junction to Tarnaka road, just dash them.

Citizens travelling on the crater ridden road with dangerously drifting asteroid stones making up for a central median and no streetlights, will have to suffer for more days and redemption is nowhere in sight.

For the umpteenth time, engineers of both the organisations met and disagreed on mode of structural compensation.

GHMC's offer of Rs. 1.95 crore for structural compensation after holding it tight for a couple of months has not impressed SCR officials. They are demanding Rs. 5 crore for the defunct and dilapidated buildings to be handed over for widening the key stretch, also forming part of the inner ring road.

Only silver lining is the municipal corporation deciding to take up extensive road repairs on the entire stretch on the available carriageway at a cost of Rs. 60 lakh.

A senior official said tenders have been called and will be finalised within a week's time.

“But, we can't put a permanent central median because of the irregular road width all through on account of railway properties,” he hastened to add. SCR officials continue to demand structural compensation for the entire structure rather than the standard municipal formula of paying only to the extent of a property demolished for widening.

Old Gandhi Hospital

“They are refusing to budge from their stand besides are also demanding handing over the nine acre site of the Old Gandhi Hospital which is not in our hands as the government has to take a decision on it,” lamented a senior official.

With the main road under dispute, construction of the much needed two more road under bridges at Alugadda Bhavi and Chordline bridge have gone into the background. Railways have sought Rs. 26 crore for both the works and GHMC had promised to release the funds once work starts.

It's not clear who has to make the first move as commuters brave a back breaking ride.

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