Areas in Saidabad and Madannapet police stations remained peaceful on Tuesday under the watchful eyes of the police as the curfew continued for the third consecutive day. Other parts of the old city that witnessed stray incidents of communal violence last Sunday also remained peaceful.

Police arrested seven persons in connection with the clashes taking the total number of arrested persons to 12. Already five were arrested the previous day. Barring an isolated incident of people finding pieces of meat before a religious place at S.P. Nagar in Nandimusalaiguda of Bahadurpura, no untoward incident was reported in any part of the city. Soon after finding the meat, residents of the locality cleaned the place. No foul play was suspected.

Police continued heavy patrolling of sensitive areas, frisking of commuters and checking of vehicles in old city. Police pickets were posted at all strategic points and religious places. Saidabad and Madannapet, which witnessed maximum number of communal violence incidents, remained quiet.

No person is being allowed onto the main roads without curfew passes. The two persons injured in stabbing incidents are recovering. The Central Crime Station DCP, J. Satyanarayana, said the persons behind the ‘main communal incident in Madannapet', had been identified.

Two persons, Yousuf Siddique, 24, and Mir Mudassar Ali, 24, were arrested for stabbing two youngsters at Madannapet. M. Mallijarjun Reddy, 20, Syed Amjad Ali, 19, Mohd. Nizam, 22, and Mohd. Dastagir, 30, were held in stone pelting cases while Syed Shakir, 24, was arrested for damaging a three-wheeler.

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