Gang members trail contractor on bikes from S.R. Nagar, loot cash from busy Punjagutta and flee the area

In a late afternoon robbery, thieves made off with Rs.30 lakh from a parked car in Punjagutta area on Tuesday.

The offenders broke the side windscreen of the high-end car and took away the cash kept in a bag in the front seat next to the driver’s. Car owner Sanjeeva Reddy, a civil contractor, who drove to Sri Krishna Diagnostic Centre along with his wife at around 4 p.m., was shocked to find the windscreen broken and the cash stolen when he came out.

“The moment Mr. Reddy and his wife walked into the diagnostic centre, one of the offenders broke the car windscreen using a blunt object without attracting anyone’s attention. He picked up the bag visible through the windowpane and fled from the spot,” said a police official.

The contractor, who resides in S.R. Nagar, set out carrying Rs.25 lakh and later withdrew Rs.5 lakh from ICICI Bank S.R. Nagar branch, Punjagutta Detective Inspector K. Sattaiah Yadav said.

The offenders had been trailing Mr. Reddy from the bank as video footage at the bank showed members of the gang loitering around the bank premises. One of the bank employees grew suspicious and even accosted them.

Once Mr. Reddy collected the cash and set out, the gang members followed him on two Pulsar bikes.

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