New facility to be launched at Fakhruddin Gutta in Khajaguda

Dry textures – sporting enigmatic and solemn expressions. Now one can savour their stony ridges and hillocks shaped into picturesque balancing forms. Adventure lovers cheer up. Hyderabad is going to get its first rock park shortly.

The government has decided to set up a rock park at Fakhruddin Gutta in Khajaguda.

Situated behind the Lanco Hills in Gachibowli, it is a huge sheet rock with boulder formations and caves. The dargah of Baba Fakruddin Aulia, after whom the rock formations are named, is at the peak.

The 600-year old dargah and the rock formations around it were declared a heritage precinct in 2009. There are also two Hindu shrines in the rocks.

Natural caves

“The rocks have jumbled up in such a way that they form natural caves. The place is just ideal for bouldering”, says Frauke Quader, secretary, Society to Save Rocks.

The government's decision fulfils the long pending demand of the society for protection of the spectacular ancient granite formations, typical of the Deccan.

Fakruddin Gutta is one of the four heritage rock precincts considered for a recreational and adventure park. The other areas are: Venakteswaragutta situated in the north of Shamirpet lake, Ghar-e-Mubarak rock area behind Taramati Baradari extending towards A.P. Police Academy and the Allabanda and Gangabowli-ka-pahad. This rocky ridge is situated between Asifnagar and Sitarambagh.

“Unless the heritage precincts are brought under adaptive reuse it is difficult to protect them”, said Jayesh Ranjan, Tourism Secretary.


He said the development of the rock park at Fakruddin Gutta would require just Rs. 8 lakh. The cost would be shared by the Tourism Department and GHMC. The park would be ready in next six months as only minimum development was required.

The main task will be to demarcate and protect the area through fencing. Of course facilities like garden furniture, illumination, small snack and water bar, toilets and security have to be provided. Also canopy and water cascading will be created to highlight the natural beauty of the rocks. “We don't have to do too many artificial things”, Mr. Ranjan said. So, guys get set for some adventure sport.