Frenzied Batman fans form serpentine queues at Prasads Imax from the break of dawn on Wednesday

Two days before the rise of the ‘Dark Knight’, frenzied Batman fans have enveloped Prasads Imax forming serpentine queues from the break of dawn on Wednesday.With the last of Christopher Nolan-Christian Bale Batman trilogy series - ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ - scheduled for a worldwide release on Friday, movie buffs are travelling from various cities to the capital to catch the mind-blowing action on the big Imax screen.

Director Christopher Nolan, famous for his blockbusters, is said to have shot the latest Batman movie with Imax cameras making it a must-watch on the big screen of 92 ft by 72 ft. There is one hour footage of the action sequences in the Imax format and Hyderabad being the only city apart from Mumbai and Ahmedabad, fans are flocking here. It does not seem to matter that the movie is also being released in several other single screen and multiplexes. The rush is towards Prasads (Rs.250 Imax ticket price) to catch the two hour and forty-five minute movie, which is expected to fill the entire screen space.

“We have never seen such serpentine queues for an English move.

Crowds started coming from early morning and by the time we opened the counter at 9 a.m. the line was pretty huge. We are almost booked till July 28 for four shows daily and tickets are being issued upto August 2,” says Krishnamurthy Kishan, Manager.

Batman movie fans, who have formed their own fan groups on facebook and twitter have been pretty active putting up posts on the availability of tickets (or non–availability), where to stay and so on for the benefit of their fellow fans surging towards the city from Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Nagpur, New Delhi, etc.

Of course, there are also complaints and bitterness over non-availability of tickets, especially those who had pre-booked tickets months in advance on ‘’.

Prasads Manager, however, throws up his hands. “We never did any pre-booking. People are coming to the theatre to have the excitement of having tickets in hand even when online booking is open,” he claims.