Frequent flooding of road, chocking of storm water drains in CIB Quarters is common

It is an unending misery for them with polluted water and overflowing sewage. Residents of CIB Quarters in Malakpet are having a torrid time for the last two years with temporary relief thrown in between.

Two days ago the Subedar Amir Ali Khan road adjacent to the Malakpet railway station had ankle deep sewerage water forcing the residents to pick their way carefully while others had to make a detour. Following an uproar, the local corporator, Abdul Haq Nazeer, rushed to the spot and got the road cleaned up. But the locals are far from satisfied.

“This is only a temporary relief. The storm water drain chokes and bursts again. It has been occurring for the last two years,” fumes Syed Abul Fath Bandgi Badshah, secretary, New Malakpet Welfare Association.

The frequent flooding of the road is on account of the chocking of the storm water drains. This is the result of washing down of cattle feed and wastage by owners of dairy farms situated in nearby Chanchalguda area. Accumulation of silt in the murky nala opposite the CIB Quarters also contributes to the bursting of storm water lines. According to the residents, there is accumulation of at least two-metre silt in the nala. The GHMC contractor did not desilt the nala properly during the annual pre monsoon exercise.

Nala desilting

“Desilting the nala and stopping the dumping of cattle feed in the storm water drains is the only permanent solution,” says Raheem Rafeeq, a resident.

Residents also complain of receiving polluted drinking water as the water line that passes through the SD drain has become rusted. Though a new water line was sanctioned eight months ago, the Water Board has not executed the work as six inch pipeline is not available in its stores.

Similarly, the green belt project along the retaining wall of the nala is sanctioned at a cost of Rs. 35 lakh but the GHMC is yet to take up the work, it is said.

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