City-based seminary to offer both modern and Islamic education up to tenth class

Secular education and religious teachings are considered two different streams. But for the first time both of them have found a meeting ground at Al Mahad Al Aali Al Islami, the well-known seminary of Hyderabad.

A convergence

When the new academic year starts in June, children can pursue both modern and religious education up to tenth class under one roof.

Al Mahad is offering this facility at its newly set up Rahmani International School situated at Shaheen Nagar in Barkas.

Initially, classes IV to VI are being started, admissions to which will commence in May.

This English medium school will follow the CBSE syllabus for the secular education and its own curriculum for the religious instructions.

“When students pass out tenth class they would also have completed the Aalim course,” said Moulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, founder and Rector, Al Mahad.

Free to choose

He told presspersons here on Saturday that after passing tenth class students were free to pursue either the modern professional courses or opt for pure ‘deeni taleem’.

At present some Muslim management schools were imparting basic religious teachings.

But Al Mahad wanted to ensure that when one becomes a doctor or engineer, he is also an Aalim at the same time.

“We also want to create a team of ulemas who are familiar with English and modern subjects and explain religion to the generation next in the present day context,” Moulana Rahmani said.

Character and values

The school would try to identify the aptitude of students and encourage them to pursue such subjects after tenth class.

“The idea is to churn out modern educated youth who have character and values and who are not bothered only about earning money,” Moulana Rahmani said. He said at the new school focus would be on spoken English, computer literacy and digital technology. People who are associated with the modern line of education would be on the advisory board of the school.

Asked about the fee structure, he said it was not finalised yet.

“But it will be on no-profit no-loss basis,” Moulana Rahmani assured.

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