The State unit of All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) on Wednesday demanded a ban on all reality TV featuring children of eight years and below.

Many of the Non Government Organisations, women's organisations and independent activists who took part in the meeting organised by AIDWA too favoured a ban. Others spoke in a more cautious tone, arguing for strict guidelines that would protect children's rights rather than a blanket ban.

But they all agreed that most of these performances bordered on the obscene and made the children vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

“In the name of entertainment, adults are using children to achieve high TRP ratings,” Pushpa Leela, secretary of State unit of AIDWA said. “This is happening at the cost of their education and their chance to lead a normal life and we demand a ban.”

“From the show's scriptwriter to the viewer, we are all to blame,” P. Ravi, an independent filmmaker said. “Parents themselves are defending these shows. How do we convince them that this is wrong for their children? That is the task ahead of us.”

Describing the competitive shows as a ‘gruelling ordeal', many speakers said they affected the child's physical and psychological well-being.

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