Hectic activity with just four days left for the month of fasting to begin

Ramzan means different things to different people. For traders it is time to do good business, and for the devout an opportunity to gather as many virtues as possible. With just four days left for the month of fasting to begin, the city is witnessing hectic activity on both fronts.

The countdown has begun. From big traders to petty ones – everyone is busy stockpiling what matters most during the month. The market is flooded with dates, the most sought after dry fruit for ‘Iftar’. Succulent ‘khajoors’ from Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq greet one everywhere. But this time round they have gone dearer by Rs 10 to Rs 15.

Heavy rush

Patherghatti, the hub of commercial activity in the old city, is already witnessing a lot of rush. To avoid the rush in the coming days many families are doing Id shopping now itself. “Giving in to customers wishes we have obtained the new stocks in advance,” says Azeem, a cloth merchant at Patel Market.

The pavements on the busy stretch between Patherghatti to Charminar are awash with a variety of goods. Hoteliers, of course, are busy erecting the mud ovens for preparing ‘haleem’. Some have already started dishing out the delectable delicacy right from ‘Shab-e-barat’ itself.

Commercial aspect apart, religious fervour too has gone up several notches. Mosques in the twin cities are getting ready to receive the extra streams of worshippers. Most of them are going in for a fresh coat of whitewash, while some are also replacing the prayer rugs.

Big draw

Ramzan is the occasion when many persons donate velvet prayer rugs to mosques in the name of their departed parents. The ongoing exhibition of exotic prayer rugs at Mohammed Cap Mart in Patherghatti is a big draw. Mecca Masjid, which attracts huge crowds, is being spruced up for Ramzan.

The ‘wazukhana’ is receiving the annual scrub while the chandeliers and interiors of the mosque are getting tidied. Some mosques are also going in for improvised partition for women who want to offer the ‘Taraweeh’ prayers during night. Philanthropic activity also sees a spurt during the month.

Safa Baitul Mal, an NGO, commenced distribution of ‘Ramzan ration’ among the needy on Monday.

Food packets comprising 20 kg rice, one kg oil, dates, besides pulses all worth Rs. 1,200 are being supplied. “We have identified 2,000 families in various slums to supply the ration”, says Moulana Ghayas Ahmed Rashadi, Safa president.

Those who want to make a difference in the lives of the deprived lot, here is a chance. Just chip in with your contributions.

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