A little rainfall every now and then is spelling trouble for scores of Hyderabadis. Whenever rain lashes the city, those residing in low lying areas are the most affected with rainwater entering their homes.

Blame it on poor drainage system or inadequate planning on the part of the civic authorities, it is the residents who are bearing the brunt of the monsoon. K. Venkataiah, a resident of Brahmanwadi spent the whole night outside his residence. His, was not an isolated case. Most of the residents rushed to get buckets and motors to pump out the rainwater when it started poured heavily last night.

Though the MET officials recorded 28.9 mm of rain, several areas in the twin cities were inundated within a short time. “We were mentally prepared to face the situation. Rainwater started accumulating within minutes of the rainfall and we were throwing buckets of water from our homes. After a while, we gave up and spent the night on our terrace,” says Mr. Venkataiah.

On Thursday morning, residents returned to their homes only to find mud, slush and sewerage water in their homes. In a few areas in Brahmanwadi and Hasmathpet, people were seen wading through waist-deep water. Moreover, drinking water pits in front of the houses were filled with drainage water, leaving the residents angry.

Though the water level had receded quite a bit, the residents feel that nothing is being done to tackle the situation.

“We have to deal with the same situation every time it rains. Leaders from political parties come and go, they promise a lot of things, but the ground reality still remains the same. We lost all our rations for the week due to the inundation,” complains Ramesh, another resident.

Other areas such as Hasmathpet, Sitarampuram, Saibaba Nagar, Madhuranagar near Risalabazaar, Amravati colony, and several areas of old city such as Bilal Nagar, Nawabsahib Kunta, Hafizbaba Nagar and Lalithabagh also witnessed the same situation.

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