When the City Light Hotel in Secunderabad was crumbling under its own weight, Rahul Shinde found refuge under a table. Two days after the horrific incident that claimed 17 lives, thanks to the table, Rahul Shinde is breathing and is on his way to recovery, along with 16 others, from minor injuries in a special disaster ward at Gandhi Hospital.

According to Gandhi doctors, the rescuers had found Shinde miraculously wedged under the table, which took the full impact when the building caved in. The doctors pointed out that out of the 17 admitted, except for one patient, all the others are stable and some would be discharged on Thursday.

One severely injured victim, Nagesh, who received cervical spine injuries in the mishap, was operated upon. “He is on ventilator but his condition is stable in the last 24 hours. However, his lower body is fully paralysed and he will have to be attended once he gains consciousness,” said hospital Superintendent Dr. M. Chandrasekhar.

Fracture injuries

Almost all the survivors admitted to the hospital sustained fracture injuries of the hip, legs, hands and pelvis. Some even sustained critical abdominal injuries.

“Our general surgeons had to conduct an abdominal surgery and remove one feet length of intestines in one patient, Mahesh. The victim had received severe injuries to the abdomen and is now stable,” the Superintendent said.

Another victim Narasimha had received critical injuries in the chest cavity. An emergency surgery was conducted on him and a chest tube was inserted to remove air, pus and fluids from the thoracic cavity. “Everybody is stable and we have taken utmost care to prevent infections in the special ward not allowing anybody inside,” Dr. Chandrasekhar added.

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