More than 6.5 lakh children in the age group of zero to five years of age are expected to be immunised with the oral polio vaccine on April 15 as part of the nationwide pulse polio programme in the twin cities under the GHMC jurisdiction.

About 9,13,293 houses are going to covered by the teams, 3,200 polling booths are being established and 66 mobile teams arranged in the city for the programme to begin at 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. All the polling stations of previous election booths were identified as polio booths and slums (792 notified and 209 non-notified) were identified as high risk areas where one polio booth has been arranged.

GHMC Special Commissioner Navin Mittal, who discussed the various measures to be taken up at the district task force meeting on Wednesday, said that the mobile teams would be administrating polio drops to children at constructions sites, nomads, beggars, temporary settlements, markets, temples, churches, gurudwaras, mosques, marriage halls, public parks like Lumbini, NTR Garden and Zoo Park.

Polio booths will also be arranged at all the transit points like railway stations and bus stations, which will be working round the clock starting from the midnight of April 14. He directed the medical officers to personally inspect the high risk areas and ensure a successful programme.

Polio drops would also be administered on April 16, 17 and 18 targeting the ‘missing children' in a house to house activity. While on day one each polio booth will be handled by four members, on day two, three and four each team will have two members to carry out the house to house activity.