A heavy blanket of dust curtails the view of motorists near Hyderabad House at the Rasoolpura junction.

This is the result of a muddy thoroughfare formed after the road was dug up for pipeline-laying works a few weeks ago.

A massive pipeline-laying work is underway between Sardar Patel road and Rasoolpura junction. Though the works near the Rasoolpura junction were completed a few days ago, authorities have not bothered to restore the road still.

Lethal mix

Torrid summer coupled with dust is turning out to be a lethal mix taking a toll on road users.

“The experience is similar to driving through a desert. It is no less than a punishment,” says Mohan Joshi, who works as a sales executive for a car accessories company.

Despite facing problems, scores of motorists ply through this stretch as there is no other connectivity. The road connects the areas of Secunderabad with Begumpet and other western areas of the city and witnesses heavy traffic.

Shopkeepers on the stretch are also an affected lot. They complain of problems like low turnout of customers. The eateries on this road are especially facing a tough time.

“People are wary of visiting our joints for fear of dust,” complains a manager of a food joint.

As part of the restoration work, the authorities had dumped a load of gravel. But this has further compounded the problem as the dust along with the gravel flies with the traffic zooming past.

Traffic slowdowns have also become common here. People are worried about using the dusty stretch and instead try to move through the narrow smooth surface of the road on the extreme right.

Traffic police officials admit that the problem exists but express helplessness. “We have written to the concerned authorities about it and hope for some early solution,” said a traffic police official.


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