The duo, staff at Anisul Ghurba, were caught trying to siphon off rice and mutton meant for the children

Two employees of an orphanage, Anisul Ghurba, have been making merry at the cost of deprived children. They were caught red-handed trying to transport rice bags and mutton out of the orphanage.

The Wakf Board has placed both the warden, Mir Akbar Ali, and cashier, Mohd. Ishaq, under suspension.

On Tuesday, Board chairman Syed Ghulam Afzal Biabani made a surprise visit to the orphanage, located near the Nampally railway station, and found five employees absent. Disciplinary action would be taken against them, he said.

On Saturday night, the warden was found transporting two rice bags of 25 kg each along with huge quantum of mutton in a container. Following a tip-off, Wakf Board CEO Abdul Hameed and others rushed to the orphanage and seized the goods.

Established in 1921, the orphanage houses 76 children, including 45 girls. It was only in 2009 that the Wakf Board took over its management from the Endowments Department. “The children have been admitted to an English medium school in Vijayanagar colony and they are doing well,” Mr. Biabani said.

Unaccounted actions

Anisul Ghurba receives thousands of rupees every day by way of donations, but the money is not properly accounted for.

Large numbers of sheep presented to the orphanage by philanthropists more often than not find their way into the market, it is said.

When the Wakf Board officials inspected the premises, they found a stock of 35 rice bags besides other food items in the orphanage. The employees, it is said, have been taking home the rice bags on the plea that the rice was getting damaged.

“The excess quantity is distributed to other madrasas, but the staff is not supposed to carry home what is essentially meant for the orphans,” Mr. Biabani said.

Action soon

He said action would be taken against the erring staff. Wakf deputy secretary M.A. Gaffar has been asked to make a detailed enquiry into the orphanage affairs. The Board is also thinking of transferring all staff at the orphanage.

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