The earthen pots termed ‘poor man’s refrigerators’ have now become costly. Thanks to the rising transportation costs and wages paid to the potters the cost of the earthen ware has now almost doubled compared to last year’s prices.

Earthen pots are no more prepared on a large scale in the city as it was done earlier and vendors from the city are now placing their orders with the potters in the neighbouring districts of Mahabubnagar.

No longer viable

The houses are very small and most of the families, who used to make it are now doing other jobs. “It requires a lot of land to prepare it. Earlier, one could have prepared it outside the houses and dried the ware but now it is difficult,” says Balamma, a third-generation pot seller.

Her husband used to prepare it at their home in Chaderghat but due to poor business has stopped it. She now places order with the potters in neighbouring districts at least two months before the summer season. “We pay them money as advance and get the ware prepared and later transport it to the city,” Balamma says.

However, vendors complain of poor business and minimal returns and they attribute it to high prices. “We are investing huge money and have to recover it so the rates are a bit high this season,” another vendor Sushmita, another vendor says.

“In the transportation around four to five per cent of the total pots break down,” she adds. Many old timers in the business have wound up their business and searched for alternatives. In the Mozamjahi market area around seven vendors have wounded up their business,” Sunita, a local vendor at M.J. Market says.

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