It was poor governance that exposed the nation to security threats, said Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan. “Many have failed to see signs of exclusion, deprivation and exploitation,” he said identifying “vested interests” with “exploiting every opportunity” to loot resources leading to environmental problems, food shortage, power shortage, etc.

“We need to look at people-centric governance. We have to be people-sensitive. This will be a major problem in the years to come,” he said addressing officers of the Armed Forces during the valedictory function of higher defence management course at College of Defence Management here on Wednesday.

Cyber terrorism

In all, 108 officers of the three services, Coast Guard and friendly foreign countries were conferred post graduate of Master of Management Studies by Osmania University.

They were also awarded certificate of advanced course in management by All India Management Association.

The Governor argued for decentralisation of Armed Forces and “delegation of authority” while at the same time stressing on the “command and control regimen.” Calling upon graduating officers to be proactive than reactive, he said, “We are only busy in the fire fighting operations… We cannot afford to be fire fighters. However, small a fire may be, there is a certain danger.” he said. He also argued for proactive use of technology.

Cyber terrorism, he said, was “much neglected” although it was the cheapest form of destabilising a country. “It is the threat of the next decade,” the Governor said suggesting major initiatives in this area.

Earlier, he identified globalisation, criminal-terrorist linkages, State and non-State actors among the threats that have to be dealt with apart from external threats.

With India a major player in the world affairs today, developments across the globe have the potential to impact the country, thanks to globalisation, the Governor said.

Outstanding officers were given away various awards at the event. Colonel Rajesh Puri was awarded the MMS Trophy for standing first in the order of merit while Colonel Jalaj Bhola and Colonel Rajesh Puri were jointly awarded the Chief of Army Staff Integration Trophy for best all round performance in the course.

The Commandant's trophy for the best dissertation was awarded to Colonel S.S. Ahlawat while the Commandant's trophy for the best case study was awarded to Wing Commander V.V.S.R. Krishna. Lieutenant Colonel Dorji Rinchen from Bhutan was chosen as the best foreign participant.

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