Special teams of city police are preparing to nab the persons who are supplying narcotic drugs from Mumbai and Goa to Hyderabad through their agents.

Having already busted 19 drug rackets in city and arrested 54 persons, investigators found that three foreigners -- Donald of Uganda and Polo and Patrick of Nigeria - are mainly responsible for narcotic drug peddling in city.

The three foreigners are residing in Hyderabad for quite some time having arrived in India on student visas at different points of time. Patrick was arrested twice, first by the Central Crime Station and a few months later by the West zone DCP's special party led by Inspector Khaleel Pasha.

Donald, who was held by the special party four days ago, too was caught earlier.

Forty-five-year-old Polo has been living in Hyderabad for past 10 years, pursuing different degree courses one after the other.

“They have developed a network of agents in Mumbai and Goa through their countrymen living in India and started peddling drugs for money,” an investigator said.

Names of these three foreigners are frequently heard by the police while gathering intelligence about drug supplies in city. Police had to wait for concrete evidence like recovery of drugs to nab them. “In fact, their repeated indulgence in drug peddling is posing a serious challenge to us,” a police officer. They could not be sent back to their countries soon after being arrested in the first case.

Because, once the arrest was made the police have to file charge-sheet and the foreigner has to undergo the procedure of facing trial. This would take at least two to three years.

“Only if they are convicted we can deport them,” a police officer. This requires a very serious effort on the part of investigators to build up the case, collect evidence and present witnesses in the court.

Interestingly, all the 19 cases busted so far are in trial stage only. While efforts in this direction are on, city police are planning to check drug peddling by cracking down on the main suppliers located in Mumbai and Goa. They have identified the key operatives and are leaving for Mumbai and Goa to nab them with the help of local police there.

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