Residents of Karwan have to put up with the foul smell that emanates from more than 50 plastic cover making units operating for the last 10 to 15 years

Pollution due to plastic units is not new to residents of Karwan and its surrounding areas. The problem has persisted for the last one decade thanks to the presence of several plastic cover and accessory units in the area.

Residents have to put up with the foul smell that pervades the area most part of the day.

More than 50 plastic cover making units have been operating from Karwan for the last 10 to 15 years. Apart from these, smaller units that make plastic products function at Amlapur and Sabzi Mandi.

The polythene bags are made using plastic pellets prepared after recycling of plastic waste. The pellets are then put into the machines. Once they melt, a plastic film is formed, which is transformed into bags of desired shapes. In the process, a pungent smell emanates due to the melting of pellets and the plastic film.

Locals fear the noise and smell emanating from the units could cause health problems.

“A pungent smell emanates from the units most part of the day. At times we feel suffocated due to it,” complains a local resident.

Also, there are complaints of noise pollution. It is said that the units use heavy machines that produce a lot of noise. “We are unable to sleep during day time,” complains Mohan Kumar, a senior citizen. Even as the residents have requested the authorities to take steps to shift the units, nothing has been done so far.

A few days ago, residents of Amlapur complained to Hyderabad Collector S.A.M. Rizvi against one Saketh plastic unit for causing noise and air pollution.

Many such units exist in the Katedan industrial area and its surroundings, but here they are located in residential areas.

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