Three technicians of Helicopter Training School of Hakimpet Air Force Station are feared drowned in Shamirpet tank on Saturday evening.

R.S. Badaria, Satyam Chowdhary and Manish Tyagi, all in their mid-20s, along with four others , went to the tank for a picnic, said Shamirpet Inspector Narender Reddy. Around 6.15 p.m., Badaria stepped into the water to wash his hands and slid inside. Hearing his shouts for help, the other two jumped into the tank to rescue him. Unfortunately, none of them knew how to swim. Meanwhile, their colleague, Ravi Yadav, who could swim, too dived into the water.

“But Yadav got scared as his drowning colleagues who were struggling to come out held him tightly putting his own life in danger. He managed to save himself, but the other three drowned,” the Inspector said. Police searched for them for a couple of hours. As it was dark, police decided to resume the search on Sunday morning.

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