After cooking up a story to snare their victims, a gang of ‘policemen’ decamps with gold jewellery

A couple and two women were relieved of 330 grams of gold jewellery by a gang of three persons posing as policemen at different places in the city on Friday.

Retired IFFCO employee T.V. Krishnamacharya, 67, and his wife Laxmi, 60, were walking on the road at AC Guards when two strangers approached them. Pointing to the jewellery the woman wore, one of them said the city police had issued directives asking women not to wear gold.

They stopped a passer-by — who was actually a member of the gang — and reprimanded him for wearing a gold chain.

Acting as though he was paying heed to their warnings, the man removed the chain, put it in his pocket and went his away.

“This was to lead the couple to believe their story about the police instructions on jewellery,” police said.

Trusting their words, Ms. Laxmi took out her ornaments. One of the gang members collected them, saying he would keep them in the bag.

They then handed over the bag to the couple, cautioning them not to open it till they reached home.

After walking some distance, the woman opened the bag, only to find stones inside. In nearly similar fashion, two women — Sarojini, 50, and G. Laxmi, 50 — were relieved of 60 grams of gold jewellery each at Musheerabad and Chikkadpally respectively.


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