Police receive inputs that some persons connected to the university connived with the medical seat consultants

More skeletons are likely to tumble out of the cupboards in the sensational Post Graduate Medical Entrance Test (PGMET) 2014 scam.

Crime Investigation Department (CID) sleuths, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Wednesday that the possible criminal culpability of some employees of NTR University of Health Sciences which conducted the PGMET-14 was being examined. Surely an insider of the university or someone indirectly connected to it helped the brokers who were accused of leaking the question paper, investigators believe.

“It is confirmed the paper was leaked. But without clinching evidence we cannot name anyone and allege that he or she helped in leakage of the question paper,” top CID officials observed. The police received inputs that some persons connected to the university had connived with the medical seat consultants in bringing out the test paper.

Lacunae noted

It was leaked either while being sent from the university to the question paper printer in Karnataka or while the paper bundles were sent from the printer to the university, say the police. Officials after inquiring into the process of preparing the question paper and conducting the test also pointed out some lacunae.

How can the university officials hand over the question paper and pen drive containing soft copy to a representative of the printer, wonders an investigator, citing the points in the First Information Report (FIR). As per norms, they should have been passed on to the printer directly at the latter’s office where the question paper was supposed to be printed.

Once the question paper is leaked before the test was held, lot of malpractices will follow like selling it for lakhs of rupees. It is also imminent that more brokers and candidates involved in the scam would be arrested. “But it is equally important to find out how the paper was leaked and while ascertaining this the possible complicity of employees of the university will be thoroughly verified,” add investigators.

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