The city’s traffic has become dreadful without any safety. The life of a motorist hangs in the balance till he or she returns home. Moreover, pedestrians tend to cross the roads while talking on their cell phones. The traffic police are witness to such scenes, but no action is taken. I request the authorities to impose a fine on the pedestrians as they obstruct the traffic, and endanger not only their lives but that of others as well.

Vithal G. Deshpande


Temple obstruction

There is a temple at ‘H’ block of Madhura Nagar that abuts a public road. The temple authorities have converted it into a private road and erected a permanent pandal, causing problems for the residents. The temple can conduct its activities in a nearby community hall. I would request the authorities to make sure that the pandal is relocated and the temple association made aware of the difficulties they are causing to the residents.



Waste dump

The people who reside behind our compound wall, near the Andhra Bank at Srinagar Colony, are dumping garbage on one side of the wall. They refuse to heed to our pleas, and continue to deposit waste there. The place has now become has become infested with rodents. I request GHMC authorities to immediately advise the residents and arrange a dust bin in their locality.

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao

Srinagar Colony

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