Many government buildings, commercial establishments do not have adequate space

Each time someone talks about road congestion, authorities are quick to blame wrong parking as the main reason. But most of the motorists have a simple question — where is the space for them to park their vehicles?

Most of the government buildings and commercial establishments in the city do not have adequate parking facilities to cater to their visitors. That is not all; even apartments do not provide parking space for visitors compelling them to park their vehicles on roadsides leading to frequent ‘skirmishes’.

According to rules, all buildings in the city should provide 40 per cent of their built-up area for parking and allow space even for visitor’s vehicles. However, this rule is being flouted in almost all buildings.

“Authorities are conducting raids and special drives to ‘curb’ the habit of wrong parking. But they should first provide proper parking space before launching such drives,” G. Bala Krishna, a motorist complains. How can police think of launching a drive against wrong parking when even the Police Commissioner’s office does not have parking facilities for visitors, forcing them to park on road, he questions.

While some government offices and most residential complexes do not have parking areas for visitors, the situation is even worse when it comes to commercial establishments. Though the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has identified as many as 195 establishments in the city without parking facilities in the year 2010, no action has been taken and the situation remains the same even now.

But even those with a modicum of parking area have started charging hefty fees. “Most glitzy malls and shopping avenues charge anywhere between Rs. 20 to Rs. 100 as parking charges for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Why should we pay such a hefty parking fee?” another motorist questions.

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