Parenting is much more than just encouraging a child, says Yandamoori Veerendranath

It is a common knowledge that, apart from school, parents play a crucial role in the education and overall development a child. But not many can describe what that ‘crucial' role is. Is it encouraging a child to study? Inculcating discipline in them? Allowing them to pursue their chosen career?

Popular writer and novelist, Yandamoori Veerendranath says that parenting is much more than just encouraging a child. “During the early years of a child's life, parents spend more time and shower their attention when a child cries. This develops a negative attitude in a child. To develop positive emotions, parents should spend more time when a child is happy and smiling,” he said.

Mr. Veerendranath was addressing parents during an interactive session on ‘The Art of Parenting' organised by The Hindu Education Plus and JGI Jain Public School, Tadbund, on Sunday.

Narrating his personal experience both as a child and a parent, Mr. Veerendranath said that developing a good personality takes more than few tips. “A parent should interact with their children more often. These interactions should be engaging and should help the child to acquire more knowledge,” he said.

“Children between 12 and 16 years of age need special attention as there will be a tremendous peer pressure on them. A good parent will always encourage a child and make him realise that he is different from other people. Once a child realises that he is different and is comfortable with that thought, he will never suffer from inferiority complex and other associated problems,” he said.

He also gave away numerous tips to both students and parents on various subjects ranging from the four stages of a child's development to the importance of expressing one's love. He also shared some practical tips that should be followed by the children everyday.

Quality time

Drawing up on his rich experience Mr.Veerendranath teased, goaded and encouraged the parents to take more interest in their children than spending time before an ‘idiot' box.

“Simple exercises such as spending just half an hour with your child during the evenings to discuss thought-provoking issues and encouraging the children to read for 10 minutes before they sleep will bring amazing results in your child's performance,” he said.

While Mr. Veerendranath was provocative at times, participants said that the session was more thought-provoking. “The points highlighted in the session were very informative. Personal anecdotes shared by Mr. Veerendranath were very valuable and will definitely help me in understanding and bringing up my child,” a parent said. The session sensitised me about various aspects of raising a child, he added.

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