Given the sharp rise in the construction activity in and around the city during the last decade, it is the water bodies that seem to be bearing the brunt. For in many instances, water bodies are being used to dump the debris generated during construction.

Taking cognisance of this, the Lake Protection Committee (LPC) has decided to initiate what it wanted to call a ‘strict and appropriate' action in deterring builders from using water bodies as dumping sites.

Strong measures such as seizure of vehicles employed in shifting debris to lakes and other water body shores have come under consideration. Even tools and machinery used in solid waste or debris dumping would be seized apart from making those involved in the practice liable to criminal action.


The LPC, in its last meeting, while taking note of ongoing large scale construction activities in the Hyderabad Metropolitan region area, has also sought the assistance of the civic bodies in taking preventive measures. Civic bodies concerned with building permissions have been requested to formulate a mechanism for safe and proper disposal of construction waste and debris at the time of granting such permissions.

At the same time, the municipal authorities, along with revenue authorities of Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy Districts, were requested to initiate a campaign against dumping practices in lakes and buffer areas including the inflow and outflow channels.

Action in this regard was also sought from police departments of the two districts.

Another idea that was mooted during the last LPC meeting looked at the Master Plan to find a remedy for the dumping problem that has been slowly choking different water bodies.

The suggestion pertained to identifying and incorporating debris dumping yards in the Master Plan under preparation, to prevent illegal dumping of debris in the lakes.

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