After the death of a child in the city due to electrocution near a Ganesh pandal, the APCPDCL has issued a set of safety precautions to be observed during the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities.

According to it, pandal organisers should avail of legal connections through payment to the company, and always examine the surroundings of the power line locations before carrying out any electrical works in and outside the pandals. Children should not be allowed near power lines, and objects should not be thrown on the power lines leading to short circuits or snapping of conductors. Overhead power lines should not be meddled with when moving the idols, and standard service wires without joints and MCB with proper capacity should be used for protection.

Climbing electricity poles by ordinary people is forbidden. In case of repairs or snapped wires, one should get in touch with CPDCL staff.

In case anybody comes into contact with a live wire, he should not be touched with bare hands. In case of electrical emergencies, the CPDCL Emergency Control Room should be informed at 155333.

The payment for temporary connection to Ganesh pandals ranges between Rs. 500 for up to 250-watt loads, and Rs.1,500 for over 500 watts. For every 500 watts there of, the amount payable will be Rs. 750.

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