Ever wondered what the reason for frequent traffic chaos on Mettuguda-Rail Nilayam stretch could be? While the most obvious reasons are pothole-ridden roads and congestion, the often overlooked factor contributing towards these gridlocks is the inability of officials in managing a sewage manhole.

The manhole located on the ‘Road under Bridge' (RuB) at Alugadda Bavi junction regularly overflows with sewage water resulting in water logging and road erosion. This has left the RuB riddled with potholes and motorists are forced to slow down while crossing the stretch, leading to traffic jams which sometimes extend up to Mettuguda junction.

But why have authorities failed to manage this particular manhole? Lack of co-ordination among the various government departments is the answer one is looking for.

“The Roads and Buildings Department, GHMC, Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) and South Central Railway together have to solve the problem. Though a joint inspection was conducted two months ago by representatives of these Departments, a feasible solution still eludes authorities,” a senior police official said.

As a solution to this problem, HMWS&SB has proposed to convert the existing 12 inch sewage pipeline into a 24 inch one. “The sewage problem at this RuB is very old and we want to upgrade the pipeline to solve the problem. The board has sent a proposal costing Rs.68 lakh for laying new sewage pipeline,” Chief General Manager (E) of HMWS&SB, M. Satyanarayana said.

“We have also sent a proposal worth Rs.24 lakh to upgrade the pipeline system at Oliphant Bridge. The moment funds are released, HMWS&SB will swing into action,” he added.

While HMWS&SB officials propose a complete overhaul of the sewage pipelines, GHMC officials said that since there was a paucity of funds, diverting excess sewage flow into the nearby storm drain was the easiest solution. While officials continue to struggle for a feasible solution, motorists will be forced to navigate through the ever-busy stretch overflowing with filth.