A meeting is being planned on September 17 at the OU Arts College to announce their agenda and candidates

Students from Osmania University and other universities in the Telangana region, who gave the much needed impetus to the Telangana movement with their relentless agitations, have decided to contest in the next general elections launching a political party.

Representatives of OU Students Joint Action Committee (OUJAC) and Telangana Students Joint Action Committee (TSJAC) met here to discuss the nuances of merging their organisations and launch a political party, which will be tentatively named as Telangana Vidyarthi Party.

A meeting is being planned on September 17 at Arts College in Osmania University, the epicentre of the Telangana agitation in the last four years, to announce their agenda and the candidates.

“We will contest 100 Assembly seats and 17 Lok Sabha seats,” M. Krishank, spokesperson of the OUJAC told The Hindu.

He said Telangana will be a reality soon, thanks to the struggles and sacrifices of students and we don’t want it to be yet another ruling state of the Congress that is responsible for the suicide of more than 1,000 people.

“Political parties want take credit for the new state and we will not let that happen. We want fresh blood and youngsters who are committed for the development of Telangana. That is the reason for launching the students’ political party,” he said.