Having finalised the toll charges for users of the Outer Ring Road (ORR) following clearance from the State government, the authorities have now started looking forward to set up the toll collection process in place.

The toll collection system had been planned to meet the international standards and have facilities for manual, touch-and-go apart from non-stop electric toll collection system.

By the time the entire 158 km stretch of the ORR gets ready for use, it would be equipped with a total of 180 toll booths of which 81 would be meant for entry and the rest for exit from the facility.

The total number of toll booths is 180 because every lane will have a booth and at different places.


The Intelligent Transport System (ITS) to be adopted for the ORR looks at establishing an efficient toll collection in the form of Toll Management System (TMS). As part of this, a Main Traffic Control Centre at Nanakramguda interchange and assisted by a Sub-Traffic Control Centre at Ghatkesar have been earmarked.

Major role

According to the officials, these two would play a major role in the entire tolling network for the winding ORR stretch along the city suburbs.

At 19 different interchanges of the fully access controlled expressway, toll gate office systems would be established and every entry and exits provided with toll lanes.

10 agencies

Earlier, following a call issued by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) for setting up the TMS, a total of 10 international agencies had expressed their willingness.

The companies which came forward for pre-qualification for the task of designing, supplying, installation and commissioning of the toll system were from Japan, Spain, Austria and Korea and included Transcore (Dubai), IBI Group (Canada), Telvent and Hitachi (Japan).


Apart from Intelligent Transport System, the project would have Highway Traffic Management System (HMTS) for smooth and organised flow of traffic and would come with CCTV surveillance system, emergency call box and vehicle detector system.

Other features

The other features proposed were meteorological observation system and variable message sign system that would provide a driver with inputs about road conditions ahead.

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