The response is highest from Mahabubnagar and Warangal districts, while least from Krishna and Nellore districts

Intermediate education in the open school system is being lapped up by students of backward districts who want to increase their employment potential as well as satiate their learning desires.

The course launched two years ago for students who passed their class X, but have failed to study Intermediate due to financial and family reasons.

About 95,000 students have joined the course this year, an increase of about 20,000 over the previous year.

The beauty of the course is its flexibility that allows the candidates to attend minimum 20 days of instruction out of the 30 days of instruction during the year and complete the course in nine years.

“About three lakh candidates who clear their SSC don’t join Intermediate in the regular mode every year. This is mostly due to financial constraints at home and they take up family responsibility despite their urge to study. Our course is fulfilling that gap,” says A. Satyanarayana Reddy, Director, A.P. Open School Society.

Low fee structure

Another attraction is the low fee structure which is just Rs.800 per year.

The response is highest from Mahabubnagar and Warangal districts while least from Krishna and Nellore districts considered hubs of education. Dr. Reddy says their observation of candidates has proved that majority of candidates seeking admissions have moved to cities for employment, but don’t find time to pursue education despite having the urge. “It is an opportunity for them to complete Intermediate as per their convenience and later aim for higher studies.”


Students who have failed in Intermediate but don’t want to appear as private candidates can also take up the Open School course transferring credits of the subjects they have passed in regular course. However, students who have appeared for the Intermediate exams in the last five years are eligible to apply and complete the backlogs.

Mr. Reddy says there is no compromise on quality and the certificate is equal to the regular Intermediate course.