More than 16,000 students attend the event at the premier institute

It was a near-stampede situation but for different reasons. The young students did not vie for a glimpse of a film star or a cricketer but jostled to explore the exciting world of science.

As the premier institute, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), opened its gates for the young minds to peep into the latest research activities as part of the ‘Open Day’ on Friday, its campus burst at its seams with more than 16,000 students from different schools. The students were not only from the city schools but also came from other districts and neighbouring States as well.

Igniting young minds

While some students were bowled over by the electron microscopes and advanced machinery in the labs, others were furiously jotting down the information provided on flexi-boards and posters.

Various exhibits showcased during the day did give the fertile minds enough food for thought, and at the end of the day, they were left rooting for more. “We loved this opportunity and want to come back again,” was the unanimous answer.

“The main objective of organising ‘Open Day’ is to ignite young brains. Many of them do not know about the opportunities available in the fields of pure sciences and research.

These visits are designed to give them glimpses of such avenues,” Director of CCMB Ch. Mohan Rao said.

The ‘Open Day’ initiative was successful in this endeavour. “Many Ph.D. students, who joined our campus recently, admit that their interest in pure sciences and research was kindled during one such visit to CCMB,” he explained.

“We can consider our effort to be successful even if just one per cent of these 16,000 children take up pure sciences as their career,” Dr.Rao added. Apart from the ‘Open Day’ initiative, CCMB also allows smaller groups of students to visit its campus on other days.

Research projects

The students got glimpses of various ongoing research projects at CCMB such as DNA fingerprinting, nano-technology, new developments in Sona Masuri rice varieties and cancer research on Zebra fish.

Over 170 Ph.D. students and 80 scientists from CCMB participated in the day-long event.

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