The affidavits carrying the moveable and immoveable assets of the candidates, as they trickled in, were astounding and varied too. They started with a few thousands shown as cash in hand, to lakhs and crores. The picture is not clear till late on Wednesday evening, after close of nominations.

The richest among appears to be G. Vivekanand contesting on Congress ticket from Peddapalli Lok Sabha seat. The current market value of his immoveable assets are valued at Rs. 194.28 crore. He is followed by BJP candidate from Medak, Chagandla Narendranath shown at Rs. 21.30 crore in movable assets category followed by current market value of immovable assets as Rs.154.06 crore.

The poorest among the lot, appears to be sitting MP from Karimnagar, Ponnam Prabhakar who is seeking re-election from the same constituency. He does not own any immoveable property, but the gross total value of what is called moveable property, in terms of bank balances, cash in hand, vehicles, jewellery and the like has been estimated at Rs. 16.71 lakh while his wife Manjula has moveable property worth Rs. 21.35 lakh.

His last income-tax return (ITR) for the fiscal 2012-13 puts his income at Rs. 13 lakh and that of his wife Manjula, at Rs. 6.15 lakh.

He is followed by MLC K. Nageshwar seeking election to the Lok Sabha from Malkajgiri. The value of moveable and immoveable property owned by him is put at Rs. 16.59 and Rs.45.22 lakh, respectively, while wife has moveable property worth Rs. 14.20 lakh and immoveable property worth Rs. 49 lakh. His ITR states an income of Rs. 3.92 lakh while his wife has put it at Rs. 2.81 lakh.

Founder of Lok Satta Party Jayaprakash Narayan, who is in the fray from Malkajgiri, filed ITR disclosing an income of Rs. 5.14 lakh, while wife Radha Rani Nagabhyravana put it at Rs. 19.43 lakh. The doctor has moveable assets worth Rs. 14.41 lakh and his wife has stuff worth Rs. 1.03 crore. Together, they have immoveable assets worth at Rs. 5.09 crore.

Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K. Chadrasekhar Rao, who filed nomination for Medak Lok Sabha seat on Wednesday showed cash and deposits worth Rs. 6.29 crore in addition to property worth of Rs. 21 lakh in the name of his spouse K. Shobha. He got immovable assets worth Rs. 8.65 crore, including the residential building value at Rs. 3.65 crore.

Top cop V. Dinesh Reddy, who retired as Director-General of Police has filed ITR showing Rs. 20.24 lakh as his income and has moveable property of Rs. 43.15 lakh and immoveable property worth Rs. 9.17 crore. His wife has moveable property worth Rs. 47.14 lakh.

TRS candidate from Zaheerabad Lok Sabha Bhim Rao Baswant Rao Patil shown an amount of Rs. 7.34 crore in his name and Rs. 81.21 lakh in his wife Aruna B. Patil’s name. Their immovable assets were estimated at Rs. 94.16 crore.

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